The Naturopathic Way to Combat Insomnia, Stress, Restlessness and Anxiety

A total 41% of American workers interviewed reported an increase in work stress on their jobs compared to a year earlier. Another poll taken among Americans showed that more than one half of the respondents (58%) reported having experienced insomnia at least a few nights a week. This is a trend in American health, where we are seeing many common psychological problems such as stress and insomnia moving to an epidemic stage (epidemic means 1 in 4 have the ailment).

Why have these psychological problems reached epidemic numbers? There are many reasons for stress, insomnia, restlessness and anxiety, such as significant personal events, like losing a job, marital problems, money worries and generally worrying. Other causes can include physical illness that causes pain, depression, shift work, caffeine or alcohol consumption, and medication side-effects. Each one is a drain on your nutritional support system, this is a scientific fact.

The drain on your nutritional support system is the common thread here which runs through all of these problems. What do I mean when I say drain on your nutritional support system? I mean that each one of those problems burns up large amounts of your B vitamins and minerals. Those B vitamins and minerals are your nutritional support and if they get low the problems you are experiencing will seem to grow in number and severity.

That nutritional support system is the foundation from which you handle everyday problems. When that foundation is supporting you; you feel more confident and you handle your everyday troubles and crises with ease and consideration. If you are not supported, you may handle the problem, but you feel the physical and emotional drain on your body and mind. Then where is the next problem/crises coming from; this is the modern world with plenty of them to spare, you need support.

Are you experiencing some of the symptoms of a drained nutritional support system, stress, anxiety, insomnia or restlessness? Well do not expect your body to run trouble free without replacing the nutrition in that system. Not replenishing that system is like expecting your car to run without oil. Look below at the different B vitamins and see the symptoms you can acquire due to their deficiencies, all scientifically proven.

Why can’t we just get our vitamins from our diet? You just have to look around you to see the evidence that the majority of Americans have no idea what a good diet is. At every turn in our society we are, in fact, encouraged to eat foods that have almost no nutritional value by the media. Most markets do not offer us much of a choice. The food is refined, irradiated or poorly grown at the farm; all three destroying the nutritional value of the food. The very people who are supposed to protect our health instead defend the manufacturer and spin the information so much they are confusing. They even make laws to stop anyone from saying that to eat certain whole foods might prevent or cure you of many diseases, even though it is true.

I have been involved with naturopathic medicine and nutrition for over 20 years and I find it difficult to find whole foods that are truly nutritional in any market or restaurant. The odds are stacked against you having any better luck than I do. So I supplement to make sure that I keep a balance of B vitamins and minerals beyond what I eat and I suggest you do the same thing. Why allow yourself and your family to be caught up in the same health crisis you see everywhere today.

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